July 2021 - The COVID-19 impact on research in an Ambulatory Assessment Setting

The worldwide research community faced unprecedented challenges and concerns since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Social distancing and lockdowns limited the ways that research could be conducted, planned and organized.

Apart from the difficulties and changes at most workplaces, the research community endured even tougher situations, the impact of which seems to emerge to us as we learn to live with the virus. movisens like to acknowledge these ongoing changes and emphasize our strong support for researchers within this challenging time.

Within this webinar movisens aims to showcase situations where research continued even under corona conditions. We're honored by Dr. Kathrin Wunsch (Karlsruher Institute of Technology) and M.Sc. Anja Feneberg together with M.Sc. Ekaterina Pronizius (University of Vienna) who detail their projects and provide recommendations on the optimal implementation of an Ambulatory Assessment study and the challenges they faced during the pandemic.